Dear Students,


As a Turkish Citizen and representative of Anatolian Culture, I have devoted a certain part of my income and my properties in order to contribute to the development of more prosperous Turkey by enabling Turkish youth to acquire professional knowledge and experience.


As long as I live, I will be supporting our Foundation and our Higher Education Institutions. I continue to donate my precious properties in Silivri and in Ataşehir in Istanbul to our Foundation and our Higher Education Institutions. As an experienced engineer, graduated from Yıldız Technical University, throughout the rest of my life my aim is to transmit the higher education institutions, which coincide with geopolitical, economic, and strategic position of Turkey and compete on a global scale, to the future generations.


I hope that our Higher Education Institutions and the New Programs to be launched, will be beneficial for you as teens, representing the bright future of our country.


With my sincere love and respect,


Mevlüt Adıgüzel

Founder Chairman